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Bridge & Seismic Engineering Services

Our vision is to create value for transportation infrastructure through context-sensitive, innovative and pragmatic bridge engineering. Our philosophy is rooted in creative 'out-of-the-box' thinking, proactive collaboration with other disciplines and contractor, and passionately mentoring the next generation of engineers.  Bridge infrastructure is a big ticket item on transportation and transit projects; even more so in high seismic areas. We have the maturity to know that 'less (bridge) is more', have the diligence to deliver quality deliverables and have the practical experience to promptly solve site issues. Our core services are listed below.

Out of the box thinking

Value Solutions

Generation of value solutions that save cost while maintaining equal or better performance. Beneficial during the early project stages, these services include development of Alternative Technical Concepts (ATCs) and one-on-one owner engagement for modification of design criteria (if practical)

Curved Girder Bridge

Bridge Design

Development of context-sensitive conceptual and preliminary design in collaboration with relevant multi-disciplines and considering construction and stakeholder inputs. Production of detailed design including engineering services during construction. 

Box Girder Erection

Erection Engineering

Accelerated Bridge Construction and Rapid Bridge Replacement schemes. Development of step by step erection procedures using cranes, heavy lifting, transverse slides or incremental launching. Construction staging analysis, production of erection manuals and design of temporary works.

Image by Nicole Honeywill

Seismic Engineering

Load Evaluations

Bridge School

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Advisory services for refinement of seismic design criteria.  Development of retrofit and rehabilitation strategies. Specialized seismic analysis including response spectrum, push-over and time history analysis including FNA. Production of detailed retrofit design including engineering services during construction. 

Conducting load evaluations and load ratings for existing and new bridge infrastructure in accordance with relevant code provisions and project specific design criteria. Includes development of customized procedures to screen large bridge inventories to sort out structures needing detailed evaluation. 

Short term courses in bridge and seismic engineering covering a diverse range of technical and soft topics such as conceptual development,  bridge analysis, and design, seismic analysis and detailing, etc. The courses are provided on an online platform with the flexibility of schedule and location. 

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