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Spannovation's philosophy is based on a simple three fold approach:


Out of the Box Thinkers

Much like solving the 9 dot puzzle, we strive to view problems from an out-of-the-box framework. We are not shy to bring forth ideas during project brainstorming sessions. We've demonstrated a consistent knack of stimulating ideas and Variances / Alternative Technical Concepts (ATCs) focused on value savings without compromising performance. Where practical, we propose refinements to the design criteria to effect savings by obtaining approvals through one-on-one interaction with the Owners' technical representatives.


Structures Department Manager (Northwest) at AECOM, Bradford Shaffer commented on a recent project, 'I was truly amazed at your innovation on items that normally are taken for granted.  At no time were you discouraged from an idea not panning out, but rather you brought energy to pursue another innovative thought.' 

Meiric Preece, Technical Director, Evergreen Line Rapid Transit Project said, 'Saqib's work in convincing the Owner and the Seismic Peer Review Panel to refine the seismic design criteria resulted in considerable savings for the design-build contractor.'


Collaboration Catalysts 

We know from experience that the best solutions are developed through a holistic 'big picture' approach. Therefore, we strive to work with the contractor's construction experts and relevant multi-disciplines ensuring site specific constraints are effectively addressed. We proactively seek to stimulate this interaction on large project teams acting as catalysts sparking creativity among team members.


Darren Nally, Cheif Estimator, AECON GROUP INC. commented on a recent design-build pursuit, 'You worked successfully with the other design firms (multi-disciplines) who followed your lead in proposing innovative ideas and concepts which we refined during the pursuit.'  

Mentoring Masters

We place a high priority in continually mentoring and developing our staff. We foster an open book attitude with a willingness to share our knowledge and experience in all aspects of the practice. Our Principal, Saqib is reputed for teaching courses on bridge and seismic engineering that are well received by the consulting industry. The growth our team members gain from our passion to mentor, encourage and support their growth directly enhances our performance on project delivery. 


Junior Engineer, Kevin Parrish at McElhanney on Saqib, 'Thank you for all the mentorship and learning opportunities you've given me. You've made a lasting impression on my technical and professional growth.'

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